Planting Service

Serving all of Long Island We will deliver and plant any quantity (min 5) of our 15 gal. container- grown Leyland Cypress for $199.95 each. (This includes tree, delivery, planting and fertilizer). Removal of existing plant material or difficult site condition is extra.

  • Single Row 4 Foot Interval:

    Most typical choice. The trees generally close the interspace between them by the first season.
  • Single Row 5 Foot Interval:

    The trees will close the interspace in the second season.
  • Single Row 6 Foot Interval:

    Trees this distance apart will be more individualized rather than a hedge-like.
  • Double Row 6 Foot Interval:

    Two offset rows of trees with the trees spaced 6 ft apart in each row. Gives the appearance of 3 foot spacing and nearly total closure. Best choice for road noise abatement.
  • 8-10 Feet Apart:

    I am looking for a partial screen rather than a hedge. Making the trees be more individualized and large.

If you would like to discuss an interval placement idea. Call (631) 765-4148 for more information.